Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research is designed to obtain non-numerical data from a small sample of respondents. It takes an in-depth look at opinions and behaviours and the motivation and reasons behind these opinions and behaviours in a specific subject area. Through the use of open-ended questions and a dialogue with participants it can provide insights into an issue or opportunity. It can also be used to develop ideas and areas to concentrate in developing quantitative research questionnaires.

The two most common methods of qualitative research are focus groups and executive interviews.

Focus GroupsFocus Group Symbol

Focus groups are typically two to three hour sessions involving six to twelve people focusing on a subject matter of interest to their sponsors. They are moderated by a professional skilled in leading groups and questioning techniques to unearth opinions and reasons for those opinions both rational and emotional. Click here for more information.

Executive InterviewsExec Interview Symbol

Executive interviews are one on one interviews either over the phone or in-person.  These interviews are with key decision makers in an organization that have insights with the subject matter at hand. This approach is particularly useful in situations where the number of players in a market you are trying to understand is relatively small, these players have great influence over the success of your product or service and where in-depth insights are required. Click here for more information.

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