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Whether your designing  a new product, launching a new product, trying to grow an existing product or just keeping your business with an established mature product, iFusion can customize a solution to the various product mix decisions you need to make. The choice of methodology will depend on your objectives and the budget you need to work within.

Whether you are marketing a crop protection product, a seed brand, a biotech trait, a soil inoculant, micronutrient, animal vaccination, pet food, farm financial services or insurance we have the experience in the industry to deliver on your needs.

In some cases we will recommend qualitative research such as focus groups or executive interviews to inform a later quantitative survey. In some cases where the background is well understood we can go directly to quantitative research. The following are some examples of quantitative techniques that are in our “toolbox”.

Beyond Customer SatisfactionKano Model

It’s fine to measure and track customer satisfaction such as Net Promoter Score etc., however, it would be more useful to also know what the drivers of satisfaction are so that you can focus communication and product innovation on those features that “delight” your customers. Click here to find out more.

Optimizing Brand EquityBrand Equity Symbol

Brand Equity is the premium attached to a recognizable brand name. Optimization is the process by which you can attach a value to the brand name and brand attributes to make better product design and pricing decisions that will maximize market share, sales or profitability. To find out more about our approach click here.

Segmenting for SuccessSegmentation

Segmenting your market take advantages of differences between groups for target marketing and sales activities to focus on certain product/service attributes and develop your business. Click here to find out how.

Brand Health & ImageSales Funnel

Brand Health refers to the brands position in the market place among users and potential users and Brand Image is how the brand’s prospects or customer perceives the brand. To find out how this drives strategy click here.


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